Do I Need a Lawyer to Write My Will?

Do you really need a lawyer to write your Last Will and Testament?  Technically, no.  But should you hire a lawyer to help you?  It depends, but the answer is probably yes.

Risks of Writing Your Own Will

Having a will is important, regardless of your age.

Creating a complete and comprehensive estate plan can be complicated, and writing a Last Will and Testament with no prior training or experience is risky.  You could make a mistake that costs your family tons of money in taxes.  Worse, a Will that is improperly drafted may be invalid or full of other errors.  You might also need more documents than just a simple Will, such as a Power of Attorney or Advanced Directive.  Problems such as these could cause your loved ones unnecessary stress and sadness.

Benefits of Hiring a Lawyer

Hiring a lawyer to assist in drafting your Will can help you escape many of these risks.  An attorney can help you avoid costly taxes and ensure that your wishes are properly documented.  You will also learn more about the probate process and why having estate planning documents is important.  A good lawyer will also advise you on alternative provisions that can be included in your estate plan, such as testamentary and inter vivos trusts.  Overall, hiring an attorney to help you write your Last Will and Testament can give you the confidence and peace of mind that your wishes will be carried out and that your family will be taken care of.

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