Real Estate

Residential Real Estate

There are many steps involved in purchasing a new home. Most buyers and sellers of residential property understand that they must agree to a price, exchange money for the property, and transfer title. There are other concerns, however, such as easements, boundary lines, home inspections, title disputes, covenants, and compliance with homeowner association rules and regulations, that can come up during or after the purchase of a new home.

Get help navigating all the stages of the home-buying process:

  • Attorney Review
  • Contingencies
  • Home Inspection
  • Mortgage
  • Title & Survey
  • Closing & Settlement
  • Post-Closing

Commercial Real Estate

Although many of the same ideas apply for commercial real estate transactions, there are additional concerns as well. You may have to ask whether the specific business you are trying to operate is allowed at location you want to buy. Zoning regulations, land use restrictions, and planning board policies may impact whether or not you can use the property for your intended purpose.

Need Help with a Real Estate Transaction?

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